Other Blogs I Own

You know, blogging is an addiction. I wonder if Dr. Drew will start a blogging addiction show. Some wisenheimer, though, will totally start a blogging hoarders show and that'll be the only one I can get onto. Nevermind. Here are links to other blogs I own.

www.bivirtue.blogspot.com  Bi Virtue is a new blog where I babble about Queer issues and other random stuff.

www.imfamousgivemeakidney.blogspot.com This blog has gone dormant. I started in response to Natalie Cole getting a kidney transplant from a fan because she boo-hooed on Larry King about having to go on dialysis (after ruining her kidneys through her drug use)

www.niteynitedialysis.blogspot.com  This blog started it all. I wanted to document my experiences with nocturnal dialysis. Doing nocturnal at home was a lifesaver for me at the time. Since I no longer do nocturnal, though, I haven't been keeping this page up.

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