All about me, it's all about ME

So this is the page where I wow you with my awesomeness. Or bore you. Or frighten you. Or all of the above. What (lies) should I tell you?

I am an under-employed librarian-- which means, that I catch hours at the library whenever they are available. I never intended to be a librarian (because they were all meanies when I was growing up) so it comes as a surprise that 1) I am a librarian and 2) that I enjoy being one. Now if only I could find a permanent librarian gig, I'd be happy!

Before libraries, I worked in historical museums and I was working on my graduate degree in museum registration. I really like working the objects in various collections-- uncovering their secrets and presenting them in a way that tells their tales.

Before grad school, I studied Folklore, Popular Culture and Literary Criticism in the English department at U. C. Berkeley. That was an incredible place to study English, and I wish I had had more time (and energy) to enjoy my time there. My favorite classes were a film lit class that looked at film adaptations of literary works and a speculative fiction class (who wouldn't love just reading SF for a whole semester?). My senior thesis was Mother's Milk Love in the Works of Toni Morrison. I really want to work on that thesis some day and submit it to a literary journal-- but it's been 10 years, so I'm not holding my breath on that one!

I did have a life before college-- I was a  Navy wife and followed my husband around from port to port. I gave birth to four sons and homeschooled all four of them. I think the boys are my crowning achievement, because they have turned out well: an opera singer, a journalist, an environmental biology major and a visual arts major.

I'm working on my first novel-- how kewl is that? It's kinda rambling and all over the place, just like me. But I have to finish it and go on to other things. I think I'm really more of a short story writer, and I do have two in the works-- one a lesbian PNR and the other is about the unseemly subject of rape.

Also you should know that as far as my book reviews are concerned, I do not receive any money for doing my reviews. Book reviewing is just a hobby for me-- it has grown out of my love of literature and all that close reading I had to do for my English degree from Berkeley! Sometimes I am provided a free copy of a book to review through my affiliation with Net Galley. But all review opinions are solely my own and I am not influenced by publishers or good taste!
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