Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guess who's visiting Bitch Factor 10 tomorrow?

I am soooo excited about Aleksandr Voinov stopping by Bitch Factor 10 tomorrow that I'm practically wettin' 'em! I loved his latest book, Incursion (watch for my review next week). Aleks totally makes shape-shifters his own in this action-packed sci-fi-er.  Aleks discusses the book, and a few other nosy questions I was dying to ask. So come for the Incursion... and stay for the giveaway. That's all coming up tomorrow on Bitch Factor 10.


  1. Woohoo! Looking forward to it :-) I'm slamming with edits but I've been following the tour!

  2. I hope you make it back, Violetta, and post a comment so you'll be entered in the giveaway drawing. Sounds like some pretty cool stuff...


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