Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Shit: Today's Sing-a-long

I'm about to completely rearrange my personal and professional life. This is not a surprise if you've known me any length of time. It's not that I'm fickle, I just believe that every breathable moment is an opportunity for improvement. No, really, I do believe that. And, it doesn't hurt that I'm disco-dancing my way to age 50 (there should be an echo for that). Change is hanging in the air like a grassy fart from...

Isis the Bitch of BF10 fame
 Anyhoo, I'm switching my career focus from librarian to literary editor. I have a lot to learn, because it's apparent that 2.5 college degrees, lots of beta-reading and a book review blog do not an editor make! I'm starting from scratch, but what else is new? And you know I'll be coming here and bitchin' about every little thing as I stretch and grow towards my goal.

Ok, just a bit more sappy-cheezy shit. Here's a video for my sing-a-long song of the day,  "A Brand New Day" from the Broadway musical, The Wiz.  Oh, and, sorry, this is the best of the YouTube videos of the song I could find.

Happy Earwig... er, I mean...Earworm!

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