Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Shit: Dishing the Soaps-- Boxer Falls

I guess it's ok to admit this here: I come from a family of soap opera lovers. Mom watches them. Sissy watches them. Daddy, does?!?!! My father says that he got hooked on soap operas when he started working nights. Apparently there wasn't much on tv during the day for men, back in the sixties and seventies, so Daddy started watching soaps. I think Dark Shadows was one of Dad's faves; I think my mother and Sissy have watched every single soap on the air, one time or another. My father got to put his carpentry skills to greater use by building bookshelves-- for all the VHS recordings of  various and sundry soaps (I think my family alone kept the VCR industry afloat until the new millennium with their soap opera recording obsessions).

I was never really big on soaps. I was real snobby about my entertainment from a really young age (yeah, Monty Python and Benny Hill were more my speed) and was not hooked on soap operas like the rest of my family. But I married and had a baby really young (I probably would have known the pitfalls of that had I been watching soaps, hehehe) and found myself with nothing to do each day once I sent hubby off to play on his submarine and the baby had been fed, bathed and diapered. The little Mississippi town we lived in did not have a book store and I hadn't met any of the neighbors, so I was forced-- forced I tell ya!-- to start watching soap operas. I told myself I was only watching so that I could see if I could keep up with the plotlines, and so that I could lampoon them on the occasions I felt up to walking Junior to the nearest payphone so I could call home to my family.

Since we seemed to get only two channels in our first apartment (ABC and TBS, which seemed to be the only choice for that new fangled thing called "cable tv"), I started watching All My Children,  One Life to Live and General Hospital every Mon-Fri afternoon.  While I never fell in love with any of them, I guess I could mostly tolerate All My Children-- since it had Af-Am teenagers (gasp) in the cast. I did get to where I could put actors' faces with their character names after awhile-- but you know, it was ultimately just one big, ridiculous jumble. Well, with one exception-- General Hospital had that Luke'n'Laura rape/not rape story line. That was it for me. I thought I was better off reading the classy stuff I found at the drugstore like Clan of the Cave Bear, The Thornbirds and Chances by Jackie Collins.

I would catch a soap opera glance every now and then when I visited my folks back home. Mom, Dad and Sis are still soap opera watchers-- only they are now recording their soaps on the DVR instead of VHS. Is it just me, or have soap plots gotten even more ridiculous? Space aliens, witches and Pinocchio-wannabes? I thought the plots where kids were born one year, and in college the next, were bad! But you know, I've kinda mellowed, and I'm more accepting of cliched, cheesy entertainment, so I no longer rag on the folks. Rolling my eyes seems to suffice.

You know, though, I've got plenty of time for soaps now that Junior and the three brothers that followed are grown and out of the house. The fact that I haven't been gainfully employed for a couple of years also helps free up my schedule for watching soaps. But you know, I think WATCHING soaps is way passé-- internet soaps is where it's at now, man. 

Well, ok, you can catch some soaps on Youtube, but right now I'm having fun with a text-y internet soap opera called Boxer Falls. Why does this soap appeal to me where so many others have made me gag? Boxer Falls is a gay soap opera. And it's hilarious, so tongue-in-cheek. Literally! And there's hot sweaty mens-- and what's not to like about that?

 Ok, I need a milk and cookies break, so why don't you read this blurby bit about Boxer Falls that is on their website:

Boxer Falls is a weekly homoerotic soap opera being posted at the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads. Penned by a group of fan favorites and new voices, a roster of unparalleled talent brings this "gaytime drama" to life with high camp, low blows, and intense sexiness.

Our writers produce episodes as interconnected short stories about the ongoing adventures of the residents of a tightknit Berkshires resort town with a queer reputation as it gains a reputation as a homo hot spot for the discerning traveler. You should expect sex, scandal, secrets, and happy endings that come at a high price.

Every week a new guest star will take up the pen. Join Ellis Carrington, Poppy Dennison, and Damon Suede along with a host of your favorite gay romance scribes as they cut loose with suds and studs in abundance. And since Brita Addams has joined the team, Boxer Falls has been churning like never before. 

 I'm back. Nutrisystem Chocolate Chips cookies aren't half bad. But actually, I've rattled on enough. Why don't you follow the links and check out Boxer Falls. This week's episode is written by Sara York and sponsored by Yours Truly. Oh, and be sure to sign up for the Boxer Falls newsletter so you'll be able to keep up with all the naughty bits.

All for now!


  1. Ah, soaps. There are whole sections of my early childhood memories that are scored to the melancholy opening theme of "The Young & the Restless".

  2. Anthony, you do know the tv was just on, and that I wasn't watching it, right? Y&R was too upper middle class for me.


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