Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book review: Gambling Men by Amy Lane

Gambling Men: The NovelGambling Men: The Novel by Amy Lane

Bitch Factor 10 rating: 4.8

Hmmm, I really wish you could deliver fractional amounts in your Good Reads ratings. This one was a 4.8 for me. I couldn't resist Quent and Jace-- they captured my attention and my heart from the very first pages. I would even be inclined to give this one a 5 if it weren't for the copious amounts of poker metaphors. Sure, I've played poker before (well, playing video poker counts, right?) but since I'm not that much of a player I had to really use my noggin to figure out the gaming and gambling analogies here-- and Emme's noggin just wanted to stay on vacation. You don't have to put on your poker face for this, though, as you'll eventually get the gist of it, even if you're not into that game.

The beginning of the novel is pretty fast-paced, in keeping with Jace's personality and Quent's attempts to keep up with his best friend and business partner. But when things move in a more sexual and romantic direction for the boys, I was able to catch my breath and savor the way Jace and Quent develop into a couple. Their relationship was believable for me, and I like that they had to put some time into strengthening their bond, in spite of them knowing each other for many years.

I liked the secondary characters in this one-- the office staff, as well as the poker buddies. And it would be nice to be filled in on more of the lives of the secondary characters-- I need the scoop on Toby and the mysterious Mack and more interactions between Quent and his family (that might be a bit too painful for Quent, though, so scratch that one). And, Uncle Mike's and Jefferson's story is begging to be told-- what a loving example of the commitment of two men and how they managed to raise a child.

This is another heart-warming friends-to-lovers, with just a dash of conflict (much less than the last Lane book I read, Chase in Shadow, thank Goddess!) and plenty of sizzle. Amy Lane delivers another winner in Gambling Men.

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