Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book review: Oral Expressions by Ann Campell

FYI: The author provided me a copy for review, but this bitch is solely responsible for the content of the review.

Trey and his friends are awfully considerate when they stage a bachelor party for their friend, Richard.  Trey even opened his home to the revelers, and friend Paul has arranged an hour with a phone sex operator. (Now that is an interesting choice for the groom's gift-- I like it!)
When the groom chickens out of making the call to the phone sex girl, nice-guy  Trey doesn't let the opportunity go to waste. He calls the girl himself, to at least give her a few minutes of time, so that she isn't out of all the money from the groom's bailout. But instead of a few minutes,  the silky voice entices Trey to stay on  the phone far longer than he intended.

"Belle" knows all the right things to say to get a guy riled up-- it's her job. Well, not her day job, but a second job that helps take her mind off of other things, like a hot guy at work. "Belle" pops Trey's phone-sex cherry, but that's only the beginning of the "oral expressions" for these two.

You'll have to pick up this very spicy short to find out the rest for yourself.

This may be somewhat familiar territory, but Ann Campbell has written a fast, flirty, sizzling tale that does not fail to deliver the "yum."

Random bits: This short is 36 pages long. Nice cover!

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