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Book Review: Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #1 by Andrea Speed

Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #1 (Josh of the Damned, #3)Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #1 by Andrea Speed

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In this third trip to the Josh of the Damned series pond, we have a triple feature. Yay! I really like the B-movie vibe of this book's cover-- and its stories. We are treated to three separate tales here, all smacking of that quirky Andrea Speed humor. I like...I like!

The first story is Night of the Mustache. Really, I don't need to tell you much more about that particular story than its hairy title. It is weird and amusingly entertaining, but I'm not sure how this one fits in with the overall story arc-- but maybe it's just meant as an intermission. In any case, there's finally a little more "action" between Josh and Colin-- if only Josh could remember it. Doh!

The second story, I was Cthulhu's Love Slave, has a little more umph to it than NotM. The JotD world is nothing but surreal, so I never can figure out how much time has transpired between stories, but in this one we know it's Xmas and Josh is pulling a night shift at the Quik-Mart. This time out, we do learn a bit more about Josh's life-- or rather, his lack, thereof. We even get more of the mysterious employer, Mr. Kwon. I'm not entirely sure why a Red Lobster menu item drops by to harass Josh, but I sure hope Stan, THE Cthulhu's relative, makes a future appearance because that would increase the possibility of tentacle sex. One can never have enough of that, right? Ok, well, maybe not. But Bobo the Yeti is back, and he's still just as irresistible as he was in book two, Peekaboo.

The last of this triple-feature is Interview with the Empire. In this one, we get a bit more 411 on Colin, the knight to Josh's damsel-in-distress. He's got his own place on the other side of the hell portal, and a boss, to boot! Colin has been a fairly innocuous boyfriend up until this point, but it seems Josh has even more reason to have doubts about his lover, once he has a better look at Colin's world. We'll have to stay tuned to figure what's brewing with these boys and the nefarious Quik-Mart upper management.

Josh of the Damned Triple Feature is a fluffy, paranormal ride but that don't bother me none. Snark and pop culture references always work for me, so I'm committed to JotD till the very end. Speed is dishing out this story in tiny nibbles (this one admittedly larger than the 1st two books), and I'm sure that doesn't work for some readers, but I have always been a fan of serials, so I don't mind. I recommend this volume, and the previous ones, to those that like a goofy B-movie or comic book feel to their paranormals. As a matter-of-fact, I would love for this series to get the graphic novel treatment. I love getting to know more about the boys and new characters, and I'm so looking forward to further installments.

ps. More Bobo, please!

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