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Book review: Country Mouse by Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov

Country MouseCountry Mouse by Amy Lane


Boy, I tell ya, it took me a bit of time to get around to reading this one. No, unlike other reviewers, I did not have any hesitation because Country Mouse was written by two authors (Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov) with two different writing styles, that may or may not mesh. No, it was simply the title: Country Mouse. Because... at the time Riptide Publishing requested a review, I was up to my ass mice. Those fucking critters had invaded my home-- my bedroom, bath and kitchen, and I didn't want to read anything referencing mice-- metaphorically or otherwise! I'm even starting to blame one half of this writing team for my recent adventures in pest control-- I got scorpions galore in my house when I started reading Voinov's Scorpion a few months back. Yes, I think I see a pesky pest pattern here.

Luckily for the authors, I got rid of my mouse problem (took 5 different types of traps to catch those smarty-pants fuckers) and could go on and read this story. Ah, how refreshing! I really liked this story, in spite of the memories the title conjured up (the cover is cute and very a propos,too).

Everybody and their greasy grannies have already synopsed and reviewed this one to death, so I'll just move on to a couple of comments. Rodents aside, I have been pretty preoccupied with other things lately-- so much so that it seemed in the first bit like Owen and Malcom (well, Malcom, mostly), were speaking in a coded language that only the two of them could understand. I was surprised that Owen, being an American and all, caught on so quickly to Malcom's "drift" in the bar where they initially hook up. Maybe it's that I don't really "get" hook up culture-- I have never been good at approaching people in bars and letting them entice me into following them home. But Owen certainly got it *cough cough*

I really like how Owen turns the tables on the bristly, British Malcom (Yay, Yanks!). I really had no expectation that Owen would in any way take the reins in this brief relationship cum one-night-stand, especially given his gentle, forgiving nature. But there was a great deal more to Owen, and I totally fell in love with the way he patiently works things out with Malcom. Oh, and Malcom's flabbergastedness and willingness to be vulnerable just endeared him to me even more.

I'm usually not overly fond of short-encounter love stories, but this one works. It's level-headed, but still takes chances. The sex is hot and kinky, as expected from these authors, but doesn't overwhelm the story. The ending is sweet, so hold-your-breath sweet, but has just the right hint of tartness to balance it out. Dammit, Amy and Aleks-- I want more of these two. I want more of you two together as writers, as you seamlessly knit Country Mouse into a fine story.

Just watch it with the book titles, Aleks-- no "Playing 'Possum" or "Night of the Wolf Spider" nonsense in the future, please.

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  1. Following from the hop. I like your review style a lot!

    Hope to see you at Patch of Sky.

  2. Hi, Ninette. Thanks for stopping by...and for the compliment! I will definitely pay you a visit.


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