Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book Review Rewind-- 1st three of Heather Killough-Walden's Big Bad Wolf series

I thought I would pluck some of my past reviews at other places like B&N, Goodreads and Amazon and post them here on BF10. Today I'm posting three reviews of the 1st three books in Heather Killough-Walden's Big Bad Wolf series. These particular reviews stuck in my mind because a rabid fan of HKW kept stalking my reviews and downgrading my review statistics because I dared to suggest that there was something fishy about the books, and the 5-star-only reviews on Amazon. Enjoy!

The Heat (The Big Bad Wolf Series) (Kindle Edition) I'm trying to keep myself occupied while I'm waiting for new installments of other series. I can say this one kept me occupied-- but mostly picking out the problems with this novel. The writing is fairly amateurish-- but I hung in there to see where the author was going with the story. And yeah, this book went to places I wasn't expecting...but the delivery is clumsy, at best. Some of the early parts-- I won't spoil them for you-- are just plain stupid, and I get the impression that the author doesn't know much about how police departments and CSI units work-- or relationships, for that matter.

Since I'm still waiting for my other series to continue, I will follow up this read with the next in the series, but I do hope that author has matured as a writer...and has a better editor!

  The Strip (The Big Bad Wolf Series) (Kindle Edition) This follow up to The Heat is an improvement over the 1st book in the series-- but still misses the mark. Dumb, dumb scenarios. A heroine who recovers from torture in a short time-- ready to have her lover mimic some of the actions of her torturer, in getting her off. That makes me scratch my head-- the quick recovery from sexual torture. I am also puzzled how the relationship between Malcom and Charlie could be seen as a romance-- he takes her when she is vulnerable and of course, like the dimwit she is (as written) Charlie likes it.

I like that the heroine from the 1st novel makes an appearance here-- and that we see that her HEA isn't perfect-- that there can be problems for the woman who hooks up with a domineering man, regardless of how "hot" he makes you.

If there are going to be any other sequels in this series, I hope the author grows past creating scenarios where the heroine is clueless and totally submissive. The very best HEA are the ones where both parties have a choice in the matter, and make their choice by reasonably considering the situation and not being just driven by their biology.

The Spell (The Big Bad Wolf Series) (Kindle Edition) This is the third book in the Big Bad Wolf series and I had hoped that experience would improve the writing, but alas! this entry has some of the same problems that have been noted in the first two books. This book seems like it was written in more haste than the previous two. There are still dumb plot twists and even dumber dialog (like when the "Girls" get together and preface every statement with "Girl..." Ugh!). And as much as I didn't care for the first two books, the heroines in the first two installments were minimally appealing. Dannai, the star of The Spell, is even more lacking-- as interesting as cold dishwater, and seems to have the maturity of a tween.

Thank Goddess there were fewer instances of the heroine being choked out during sexual acts, but boy the author seems to have a thing for perfect white teeth because almost every character has them and needs to show off those choppers. There is a lot repeated in The Spell that was present in the first two books-- perhaps the author has run out of good ideas.

In any case, this book is only a buck, and if your expectations are low, you'll definitely get your money's worth (apparently 22 people reviewing this book before me gave it rave reviews-- that's got to be suspect, though). But knowing how difficult it is earn a buck, in this economy, I still expect an author to give it their best effort and grow as a writer-- and that clearly hasn't been the case here. I won't be tempted to purchase any more this series. I shiver to think that there might be more coming from this author, but I hope if this series continues that the author will wait until she grows as a writer before publishes additional titles.

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