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Storm Grant, author of Few Are Chosen visits BF10

Few are chosen, but Bitch Factor 10 was-- for a Riptide Blog Tour visit from Storm Grant, author of the highly-amusing Few Are Chosen. Today, Storm is the guest poster, telling us how " you know you're a writer..."  Storm has also included a blurb from Few Are Chosen and there's a contest, too! So be sure to look for contest details towards the end of this post.

You know you're a writer when...

So there I am, skipping along behind the dogs at the dog park, delighted the ice is finally gone so I don't have to watch my footing, and--down I go. Goodbye, ice. Hello, mud.

I get home and toss the muddy jeans in the washer, then spend several minutes examining and describing my poor raw knees to myself. Why?

There are poor raw knees in a scene I need for my current work-in-progress.

Now that I've embraced raw-kneehood, I guess I should put some disinfectant on them. It's a dog park, who knows what was in that mud? Ewww!

I’ve done some weird-ass things to get info for my books. Please, please, please never ask my husband about that sex scene for GYM DANDY.

The 300-year-old converted monastery I stay in each year in Mexico? I spent several nights scaring the other tenants by wandering up and down the four flights of stairs in the dark so I could give my Grim Reaper an apartment in Hell for SCYTHE DOES MATTER.

My latest release, FEW ARE CHOSEN from Riptide Publishing, is my first YA. I spent so much time spying on teens at the local mall that I worried Mall Security would have me arrested. But I realized they were the same horribly self-conscious, attention-hungry, insecure kids that we were back in the 1970s. Just less pot and more iPods. Or maybe that’s just me.

In order to figure out what cultural references kids would get, I gathered my teenage nephews plus their girlfriends and read them a page of questions. Oddly, they can hum the theme but don’t know Jaws, they know that a repeatedly descending fist coupled with a squeaky noise means death-in-the-shower but have never heard of Psycho. And despite repeated watchings of Zoolander, have no idea who David Bowie is. Huh. Kids today.

Now I’m embarking upon a new writerly quest—I want to write a mystery. It’ll still be a funny, creature-filled bonanza, but it will follow the mystery structure. So now… I’m going to need to murder somebody so I can describe it from the murder’s point of view. Any volunteers?

What crazy things have you done to get realism and good description in your writing?

Storm Grant (also writing as Gina X. Grant)


FEW ARE CHOSEN by Storm Grant

Sparks fly between virgin teenage demon hunters when the Chosen One turns out to be… the Chosen Two?

Apprentice warrior Blake St. Blake is the Chosen One, raised by an ancient order to defend the world against evil. Well, maybe not the whole world, but at least his neighborhood in downtown Detroit.

When a dreaded reflux demon is sighted in a local cemetery, Blake is sent off to his very first battle, armed with his sword, his super-senses, his black leather duster, and a few well-rehearsed one-liners.

But another Chosen One gets in Blake’s way—an apprentice wizard named Shadow. While the boys argue about who’s the more chosen of the two, the demon escapes.

Blake wants to be angry, but it turns out he and Shadow have a lot in common. Besides, Shadow’s pretty cute, and Blake can’t help but think that the wizard’s skills (and hands and lips and other bits) might make the perfect complement to his. Blake and Shadow are brave enough to challenge the reflux demon in a second battle, but will they have the courage to tell each other how they feel?

Title Details
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-937551-22-3
eBook release: Feb 20 2012
eBook formats: pdf, mobi, html, epub
Word count: ~12,000
Page count: ~40
Heat Wave: On-screen, mildly explicit love scenes
Type: Standalone
eBook   $2.99    

Contest details:

Play The Name Game for FEW ARE CHOSEN and win a copy of ALL THREE of these entertaining books from Storm Grant’s backlist: Gym Dandy, Shift Happens, and Tart and Soul. (Two full-length novels and a novella!)
1. What is Shadow’s real first name? ___  ___  ___  ___
2. What is Shadow’s mentor’s first name? ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
3. What is the name of the Order that raised and trained Blake? The Order of the ___  ___  ___  ___

How to enter: DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS! Instead, to qualify:
1. Email your answers to the three questions, above, to
2.  Then post a comment to this blog stating that you’ve emailed your entry.

You may enter once for each stop on the blog tour, thereby increasing your chances of being the grand prize winner!
One grand prize winner will be selected March 5th.
Blog tour, details here.

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Book Review Rewind-- 1st three of Heather Killough-Walden's Big Bad Wolf series

I thought I would pluck some of my past reviews at other places like B&N, Goodreads and Amazon and post them here on BF10. Today I'm posting three reviews of the 1st three books in Heather Killough-Walden's Big Bad Wolf series. These particular reviews stuck in my mind because a rabid fan of HKW kept stalking my reviews and downgrading my review statistics because I dared to suggest that there was something fishy about the books, and the 5-star-only reviews on Amazon. Enjoy!

The Heat (The Big Bad Wolf Series) (Kindle Edition) I'm trying to keep myself occupied while I'm waiting for new installments of other series. I can say this one kept me occupied-- but mostly picking out the problems with this novel. The writing is fairly amateurish-- but I hung in there to see where the author was going with the story. And yeah, this book went to places I wasn't expecting...but the delivery is clumsy, at best. Some of the early parts-- I won't spoil them for you-- are just plain stupid, and I get the impression that the author doesn't know much about how police departments and CSI units work-- or relationships, for that matter.

Since I'm still waiting for my other series to continue, I will follow up this read with the next in the series, but I do hope that author has matured as a writer...and has a better editor!

  The Strip (The Big Bad Wolf Series) (Kindle Edition) This follow up to The Heat is an improvement over the 1st book in the series-- but still misses the mark. Dumb, dumb scenarios. A heroine who recovers from torture in a short time-- ready to have her lover mimic some of the actions of her torturer, in getting her off. That makes me scratch my head-- the quick recovery from sexual torture. I am also puzzled how the relationship between Malcom and Charlie could be seen as a romance-- he takes her when she is vulnerable and of course, like the dimwit she is (as written) Charlie likes it.

I like that the heroine from the 1st novel makes an appearance here-- and that we see that her HEA isn't perfect-- that there can be problems for the woman who hooks up with a domineering man, regardless of how "hot" he makes you.

If there are going to be any other sequels in this series, I hope the author grows past creating scenarios where the heroine is clueless and totally submissive. The very best HEA are the ones where both parties have a choice in the matter, and make their choice by reasonably considering the situation and not being just driven by their biology.

The Spell (The Big Bad Wolf Series) (Kindle Edition) This is the third book in the Big Bad Wolf series and I had hoped that experience would improve the writing, but alas! this entry has some of the same problems that have been noted in the first two books. This book seems like it was written in more haste than the previous two. There are still dumb plot twists and even dumber dialog (like when the "Girls" get together and preface every statement with "Girl..." Ugh!). And as much as I didn't care for the first two books, the heroines in the first two installments were minimally appealing. Dannai, the star of The Spell, is even more lacking-- as interesting as cold dishwater, and seems to have the maturity of a tween.

Thank Goddess there were fewer instances of the heroine being choked out during sexual acts, but boy the author seems to have a thing for perfect white teeth because almost every character has them and needs to show off those choppers. There is a lot repeated in The Spell that was present in the first two books-- perhaps the author has run out of good ideas.

In any case, this book is only a buck, and if your expectations are low, you'll definitely get your money's worth (apparently 22 people reviewing this book before me gave it rave reviews-- that's got to be suspect, though). But knowing how difficult it is earn a buck, in this economy, I still expect an author to give it their best effort and grow as a writer-- and that clearly hasn't been the case here. I won't be tempted to purchase any more this series. I shiver to think that there might be more coming from this author, but I hope if this series continues that the author will wait until she grows as a writer before publishes additional titles.

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Welcome, welcome Anne Brooke, author of The Heart's Greatest Silence

I am very excited that Anne Brooke is visiting Bitch Factor 10 today with a guest post and a blurb from The Heart's Greatest Silence (loved that story, btw). Plus Anne is having a giveaway for one commenter on Bitch Factor 10 , and another giveaway that includes all of her stops on this Riptide Publishing Blog Tour (details are below, after Anne's contact info)

 Without further ado, here is Anne Brooke's post.

Why This Story?...

or what’s my big hang-up with sex and religion anyway? – which was actually the question that loomed largest in my head while I was thinking about drafting this post.

Well, I’ve been writing for a good few years now, and much of my fiction, both short stories and novels, has included the twin themes of sex and religion, at least in some measure. I can trace their parallel journey through the novels – from A Dangerous Man, by way of The Bones of Summer and coming to a temporary rest with The Gifting, and everything else in between.

A Dangerous Man, for instance, has a main character, Michael, who’s a hooker as well as being a very good artist, and who struggles to gain the artistic recognition he longs for. Art is a way of connecting to his inner, more spiritual self, but his previous sexual history acts as both an impetus to further spiritual exploration and a barrier to his artistic (read: spiritual) aims. So, here sex is more evident and the religious journey takes second place, albeit subtly.

In The Bones of Summer, however, the impact of religion on Craig’s relationship with his boyfriend, Paul, is more hard-hitting. Craig’s background has been steeped in evangelical religion (a subject which I have prior experience of, though I am a great distance from being an evangelical now), and his journey to selfhood includes a rejection of that mindset and a recognition of who he is. Here the two aspects take almost equal billing. On the other hand, in fantasy novel The Gifting, the sexual experiences of Simon, my hero, are less important than the spiritual mission he is required to undertake. At the same time, his relationship with Ralph, his lover and also his enemy, is a key one.

Meanwhile, the short stories I write include erotic as well as biblical ones. I like to think the erotic stories also include aspects of faith I’m interested in – for instance the concept of sin and forgiveness in Two Christmases, the effect of an out-of-world mysterious other in A Stranger’s Touch, and, perhaps most importantly, how the whole issue of domination and submission in erotic m/m literature (some of which I’ve written: For One Night Only, Give and Take, etc) does, to my mind, echo the relationship between God as Master and ourselves as His servants within the world of faith. If I dare even make such a connection!

Which brings me, finally, to the reasons for writing The Heart’s Greater Silence. Here, for the first time in all my work, I include a priest as the secondary character in the narrative who is, indirectly, a man facing a choice between his vocation and what may or may not be love. In addition, Mark, my deeply confused hero torn between two men, is someone who goes to church, whose faith in the past was far stronger but who is struggling with it, and with life’s complexities, now. It’s the first time I’ve ever made one of my erotic heroes into a man of some faith, or perhaps of greater doubt.

In fact then, I suppose Mark is something like me, and indeed the reasons most authors, myself included, write any story is as a way of expressing their own struggles and concerns, delights and hopes. So I’m human and have the same sexual desires and needs as everyone else, and I’ve been a churchgoer for well over twenty years (sometimes less so than at other times) so faith and doubt are a vital part of my make-up too. All this boiling pot of sex and religion has to greater or lesser extent always been present both in my fiction and poetry, and has at last found a kind of joining place in the writing of The Heart’s Greater Silence. In some ways it feels like progress.

Blurb from The Hearts Greater Silence:

Mark isn’t sure he believes in love, especially when he finds himself torn between two very different men: his reliable boyfriend, Craig, and his illicit lover and priest, Richard.
Mark knows what he should do, but he can’t bring himself to give Richard up. The sex with Richard is unlike anything he’s ever known with Craig, and he hungers for it as much as—if not more than—the truer intimacy he finds in his boyfriend’s arms.
When Craig discovers his betrayal, Mark is forced to look at his life more closely, but the path to self-knowledge is never an easy one. Richard seeks the way back to God, but Mark finds no solace there. Can he ever discover the truth of his own soul, or is he too afraid of what he will—or won’t—find inside his heart?

 Read an excerpt and purchase The Hearts Greater Silence here.

Email address:


Anne's contest and prizes:

1. I have one contest per stop - with the prize being a backlist ebook giveaway for one commenter.

2. I also have a cumulative competition throughout the blog tour involving answering 3 questions from HGS - with the prize being 3 backlist ebooks for one commenter from the tour as a whole. The questions are
  • (a) What item of his trade is Richard wearing when Mark sees him in church? 
  • (b) When Craig discovers Mark and Richard together, what does he do just before leaving? 
  • (c) What action does Mark take at the end of the story?
3.  One signed cover flat and magnet for one commenter per stop - with this NOT being the winner of Item 1 (see above)

4. One gift certificate to be drawn at the end of the tour - with this NOT being the winner of Item 2 (see above).

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Book review: Blacker than Black by Rhi Etzweiler

Blacker than BlackBlacker than Black by Rhi Etzweiler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

cue: I Don't Know How to Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar.

So many lines in that song reflect my feelings about Blacker than Black. I know it requires a bit of a stretch, but let me paraphrase this classic song with my impressions of BtB.

I don't know how to love Blacker than Black, what to do, how to move it from my consciousness.

I've been changed, yes really changed (mostly because this was the sixth vampire book I read in a row) .

In these past few days when I see myself, I seem like someone else (that kitty over there looks like a yummy snack).

I don't know how to take this, I don't see why BtB moves me
It's a book, it's just a book.

And I've had so many books before in very many ways, it's just one more

Should I bring it down, should I scream and shout (and believe me, I felt like doing that for the first 52% of the book)

Should I speak of love, let my feelings out
I never thought I'd come to this, what's it all about...

Ok, enough of JCS. If I go any further I'll have to send a royalty check to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Read the damn blurb and/or book if you want the rest of this to make any sense to you.

I sent a request to Riptide Publishing to review Blacker than Black ages ago-- like mid-November, even. I didn't get my hands on it until just before Rhi Etzweiler visited my Bitch Factor 10 blog in January. While I waited for BtB to finish edits, I busied myself with several other books I needed to review. It just so happens, though, that I had a string of vampire books to read-- with BtB being the last in my to-be-read pile. Some of those six books were amazing. Some were pretty good. BtB falls in the pretty good category.

Blacker than Black was a hard book for me to get into. It's not that I minded that Etzweiler's vampires were of a different breed (genus: non-blood-sucking lyche)-- I liked her take on psychic vampires. Black, the MC, does have his charms. But Black did not make a good narrator for me. Black was often clueless and fretful about the things going on around him. Sometimes it can be fun to grow in knowledge, along with the narrator-- but here, it was a bit torturous for me. And, for most of the book, Black does not have the lyche overlord (please don't call him a vampire) Leonard Garthelle figured out, so I, as a somewhat-interested reader, did not learn enough about him-- and Leonard was my fave character in the book! I can't explain my attraction to Garthelle-- is it his aloofness? Is it his possessiveness? Is it his untrustworthiness? Hey, Mary Magdalene had trouble figuring out JC, so I guess BtB has me in the same boat where Leonard is concerned.

Can I tell you something that was kinda meh for me? The whole mystery that Leonard uses Black and his sister, Jhez, to "solve." I used to have a thing for mysteries, back in the day. But I think my middle-aged muddled brain has such issues keeping up with clues that I no longer enjoy who-dun-its. And in BtB I didn't really give a fuck about that part of the book-- and the fact that it takes up so much of the first half of BtB left me wanting...wanting to get to the sex! But oh boy, when we get our first taste of the sex it's um... orgy-rific...but perhaps without the "rific" part. I didn't care about any of the characters that were involved in the fuckfest-- and I might have been more interested in it if it had been more detailed or humorous...or relevant? It just seemed like a very odd thing.

Oh yeah, speaking of odd...

*whispers cryptically* Etzweiler includes a "genderfuck"-- and I'm not going to tell you what it is, but I will say, it wasn't enough genderfuck-y for me. This particular issue seems almost like an afterthought or an unnecessary twist, because in the end, this issue doesn't seem to have much bearing on the story. There is more significance in the mention of the color and drape of Castle Dragulhaven's furnishings than in revelations about lyche sexual biology, which could have explored what the differences mean for procreation or psycho/social sexual expression. If Etzweiler wasn't going to make this issue more central to the relationship between Black and Leonard, I would have preferred for that part to be left out.

Just one more odd thing before I move on to my likes in Blacker than Black. It chafes my hide that the word "chafe" (or related derivations) appears at least 14 times in the text. Just as bad is the "keying" of voices-- usually lower. I know it's totally anal that I actually use my Kindle to count the number of times words and phrases get used, but sheesh! The overuse of these words drove me bonkers!

Ok, what I liked about Blacker than Black. I love the snarky sister, Jhez. I think I would have liked their friend Blue more if I had had more exposure to him. I'm always intrigued by vampire social structure and politics, and for the most part I like the way Etzweiler has constructed this topsy-turvy world where lyches are more prominent and powerful than humans.

Let's wrap it up. I was rather ambivalent about Blacker than Black until reaching just past the half-way mark. The beginning of the book is a slow build as Black discovers the draw of the lyches, their world and how he fits in it. Most of the characters are interesting, to say the least-- Leonard, though, takes the cake, the pie, and the red velvet cupcakes. The romance (when we finally, finally get to it) is just steamy enough, and mostly believable-- Black may be a prostitute-of-sorts, but he's not an easy lay, especially with all his trust issues.

I do think that Rhi Etzweiler is a talented writer. I think Blacker than Black, though, could have used a tauter narrative and better editing. I didn't know how to love it, in the beginning, but eventually Blacker than Black won me over. I am interested in a sequel, if there's going to be one. But I'm going to be royally chafed and my voice will key immeasurably screechy if we do not learn more about Black, Jehz, Blue and Leonard in the sequel. Leonard, especially!

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Book review: Kiss and Tell by Cherie Noel

Kiss and Tell (Kiss & Tell)Kiss and Tell by Cherie  Noel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Warning: This one is spoilery-- run away and don't read it if that bothers you.

Oh, boy, What to say about this one?

I'm just now working my way through the Hot Summer Days collection, so I'm a few months behind some of the other reviewers. And I gotta say, while I recognize that Cherie Noel has some writing chops, this story didn't work for me, on a few levels. First and foremost, I think it's inappropriate for an RN to take a mentally-challenged patient home and have sex with him (even if there's a space of time between them meeting and moving on to sexing). This is not to suggest that mentally-challenged people shouldn't have physical involvements (I'm pro that, within reason, because I have had a mentally-challenged friend and it made sense for him), but the relationship here seems to cross some important ethical boundaries (even if the social worker said it was ok).

Then there's the threesome aspect. I still don't get why Kevin feels the need to add a third to their relationship, and why one wouldn't super-vet anyone who might become a third. That this professor would become a third (after having questionable conversations with a mentally-challenged student at school), seems a bit far-fetched. I would be a little worried about participating in porno pics and/or videos of one of my former students-- let alone actually getting physically involved with said-student.  A lot here could be interpreted as taking advantage of Tony's innocence and/or his mental incapacity.

I am happy that Cherie Noel includes a person with a disability in a story-- we need more stories like that! I also like it when authors push my buttons, and win me over. But Kiss and Tell kept giving me a case of skeevies-- and it takes a LOT to skeeve me out. I will seek out Noel's other work, and see if we're simpatico. But for this one? Yikes!

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Liebster Blog Award-- woohoo!

The people you'll meet, oh the places you'll go. I have been granted an honor by a fellow blogger. The marvelous Georgina Anne Taylor included me in her group of honorees for the Liebster Blog Award. The Liebster Blog Award originated in Germany. Liebster means dearest or beloved, and Liebe is love. Georgina is the absolute sweetest, in so many regards, and she has made my year by thinking of me and my blog.

Now I get to pay-it-forward by naming my own selections for the Liebster Blog Award. My choices are:

Cassie Mannes- Books and Bowel Movements
KB Grant-- Babbling about Books
LC Chase-- Romance, Man to Man.

Cassie Mannes- Books and Bowel Movements
KB Grant-- Babbling about Books
LC Chase-- Romance, Man to Man.
LK Rigel-- LK Rigel
Wenona Hemsley-- Mind of Wenona

Rhi Etzweiler Blog Tour Visit-- doing the happy dance

 Yes, I'm doing the happy dance because Rhi Etzweiler is visiting Bitch Factor 10 today. I really enjoyed a previous novel Rhi co-wrote with Aleksandr Voinov called Dark Edge of Honor. Today, Rhi has graciously given BF10 an exclusive excerpt of her new solo effort, Blacker than Black. BTB is a new take on vampires, and guess what? In Rhi's world, the word "vampire" is derogatory and the vamps don't sparkle!

And as if having the excerpt isn't amazing enough to make you wet 'em, Rhi is  celebrating this new release by  holding TWO giveaways (look for contest details  after the excerpt).  Join me in a "happy dance welcome" of Rhi Etzweiler.

If you haven’t read it yet, the previous excerpt is over here at Riptide Ripples

Chapter 11, continued:

The vamps begin drifting from the room, the activity moving elsewhere. By that point, Jhez is sporting a slight sheen of sweat on her forehead. Sometimes having twenty random nibbles ripped from your chi can cost you more than one quick john feeding on the street.
“I hope this is ending.” Her voice isn’t any steadier than her hand as she trails her fingers over my shoulder to give it a squeeze. I obligingly grab the back of the couch and leverage myself out of her lap to sit up. My vision immediately begins to tunnel into darkness and I lean forward to hang my head down between my knees.
If only it was as simple as a case of lightheadedness, but I know it’s not. There was one other time when my energy got this low. Desperation had driven me to entertain one too many johns, back to back. It’s the closest I ever want to come to pure insanity. Stupid, stupid, stupid. For as long as Jhez and I have worked the boulevard, I should know better. Should have shot up beforehand with an amplifier or something. Drawn the line a couple hours ago and put a stop to it.
But what choice did Garthelle give me? My life, or my freedom.
The vamp’s reactive alarm sings along my veins. His emotion pulses through the residue of his chi, thrums into the reservoir pooled in my stomach. That, despite the fact that he’s halfway across the room playing host. I don’t know how, but I hear him hasten his guests’ farewells. Each word, the tension of awareness, registers as if I’m standing next to him, can feel the urgency in his stride as he approaches. Nothing of this caliber has ever happened to me before. Chi residue doesn’t do this.
His hands are heavy on my shoulders despite his gentle grip as he squats in front of me. Like the penetrating warmth of the summer sun, his touch pierces to my bones, deeper. Energy-memories surge through me like a vivid dream. I quiver at the sudden flush of heat, shuddering beneath the brush of his chi against mine. When did the room become so cold?
“What’s wrong?” The vampire doesn’t try to veil the depth of his concern. For someone who wanted me dead for my crimes against the lyche, he seems very distraught. Or is it that I can feel the panic and tension in his voice along my skin? I clench my eyes shut, try to fight off the disorientation. Fisting my hands into the edge of the couch, I shake my head in wordless dismissal. Everything feels like it’s registering from two distinct sources.
Jhez makes no attempt to touch me. She’s been here; she knows better. I take that back. She’s never been here, but she’s been somewhere close. “Take a guess,” she says. Her curt words are evidence of her own spent energy.
“Give me five minutes,” Garthelle murmurs, pushing to his feet. My body screams at the withdrawal of his touch. He moves away across the room, and I groan at the tension burgeoning in my chest. Clamping my tongue between my molars keeps the traitorous organ from screaming out for him to get his ass back over here. Now.
“Jhez, oh . . . fuck.” She strokes my hair, knowing from past experience the caress won’t unbalance me further. And she starts to hum a lullaby. A wordless tune our mother once crooned while tucking us into bed at night. Oh, to know such carefree moments again. Even briefly.
It’s never been like this, ever. Not this level of sensitivity, of awareness, of raw need. So much like an addiction, it terrifies me. I should have let him kill me. Encouraged it. I would have accepted that eagerly had I known this would happen. The nature of the pain is familiar, though. While it’s been some time since I’ve been careless enough to experience it, a Nightwalker doesn’t swiftly forget the discomfort of dangerously exhausted energy reserves. It’s the warning sign. Push yourself past it—which takes conscious effort—and death results.
I need Blue. Need an amp, just something to get me through the worst, until my body can recover. Assimilate the last of Garthelle’s chi. Because it’s still floating in me, separate and distinct, echoing every flux in the man.
“Don’t even think about it.” His tone firm, he growls the words so close I feel the brush of his lips. His breath is cool against the hypersensitive skin of my cheek.
“Avoiding death was the reason for this bargain, as I recall.” My sister’s voice sounds disembodied, distant.
“I’m acutely aware of that.” Garthelle sounds as though his final thread of patience is quickly fraying.
I feel as if I’m floating, as though the world is rotating. Never mind that vampires, so far as I know, refrain from expressing emotion for the same reason they enjoy inciting it in their victims—or hosts, if you will. Emotions create energy for them to feed on. When one doesn’t have their own ready supply of fuel, it’s draining. It shouldn’t exhaust him though. Not after the way he gorged himself on me.
“Where are you going?” Jhez’s voice is sharp, hostile. And at the same time, I can hear the thread of panic begging Garthelle to do something.
“Somewhere quiet. Your twin needs rest,” comes the dry, withering response. “I’ve plenty of room.”
“I don’t trust you.”
I try to reach out to her. The energy in my stomach hums with the desire to calm her fears, but my aura lacks the strength to obey.
With a disapproving hiss, Garthelle tightens his arm around my shoulders. Tension radiates from his chest, though why he’s so close to me, I can’t determine. He makes such a great effort to keep his distance. Never mind that he hates me. I can feel his other arm around my legs. Why is he carrying me?
Jhez sighs, the sound resigned. Accepting. “Very well, Le Gross. Have it your way. Is there a driver to take me home? I’ll return this afternoon. It’s what Black wants.” She pauses, and I imagine she’s tilting her head to study him. “My twin doesn’t trust you either. In case you hadn’t taken notice. Provide a reason.” Jhez’s lips brush against my hair and then she retreats and is gone.
“Brazen words, don’t you think?” Garthelle’s whisper, and his footsteps, echo mutedly in my ears as if I’m submerged in water. “Though not surprising. Both of you are rather forward and outspoken.”
A door latch clicks. Opening my eyes accomplishes nothing; my surroundings appear as indistinguishable blurs of colors. Despite that, I can still recognize a bed for what it is, and I hum a random sound of relief when Garthelle lowers me onto its soft, welcoming surface. Fingertips graze my cheek, brushing the hair from my face, and I shudder at the vivid surge of energy-memories that swell up in response.
I hear his voice but can’t respond as I sink into unconsciousness, into the darkness where the energy throbs to life to serenade me with sensations and emotions, singing along my nerve endings with such force that pain and pleasure blend together.

 From Rhi:

Don’t forget to leave a comment with your email address to enter the drawings! Thanks for following along on the blog tour and reading the excerpts. Hope you’ve enjoyed them, but this is the last one… if you want to know what happens to Black, you can get your copy of “Blacker Than Black” over here at Riptide.

For more info on Rhi’s writings:
Twitter: @musefodder
Facebook Profile: here
Goodreads Profile: here
Amazon Author Page: here
Google+ Profile: here
Get “Dark Edge of Honor” here

 Giveaway details:


Individual: One randomly selected commenter at each stop will receive a signed cover card and magnet. Open to all, regardless of location (winner selected from all comments posted to blog at 11:59pm EST).

Tour: Two winners to be selected at random from drawing of all comments on tour (entry ending Feb. 2nd, 11:59pm EST – comments with date/time stamps after this time will not be counted). Restricted to mainland US and Canada only, for shipping purposes. First winner will receive an autographed tote bag and pen, signed cover flat, and large magnet. Second winner will receive a t-shirt (size XL), pen, signed cover flat, and small magnet.

A big thanks for Rhi Etzweiler for including Bitch Factor 10 on her Riptide Publishing Virtual book tour. Good luck with Blacker than Black!
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