Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random tandem: Kresley Cole booksigning- Austin, Tx

Kresley Cole/Lothaire bus-- I want one!

Last night I left Fort Tejas (my little ranchette in the country) to go to Barnes and Noble in Austin, Texas for a Kresley Cole book signing. Cole's Lothaire debuted on 1/10/12 to healthy reviews and sales on Amazon. This wasn't my first time attending a book signing, so I kinda knew what to expect. But this one was way more laidback then ones I have previously attended.

Kresley Cole entered the book signing with a smile on her face. She is just as gorgeous in person as she is on her book covers. She has the most radiant smile. And, Cole was funny and personable-- I like to see that in an author (so many of them seem to take themselves far too seriously). I also like that Cole's editor was there and gave us a peek into her work relationship with Cole. I'm endlessly fascinated with the process of writing and publishing. Oh, and Nix may be getting over her Mike Rowe crush, but Kresley Cole still has one! hehehe.

 In addition to signing books (and not just the ones bought at B&N that night at  the event!), Cole took pics with the fans and did a Q&A (there will be at least 3 more books in the Immortals After Dark series, yay!). If you're going to attend a Cole book signing in another city I recommend you brush up on your IAD trivia, because that's how you can earn IAD swag.

A bonus of last night's book signing was the presence of Paul Marron, the simply gorgeous guy who graces the cover of Lothaire. *swoon*  Marron was there in the flesh -- and yeah, that flesh was standing right in front of me for a significant part of the event.

Paul Marron signing Lothaire for a lucky audience member

I know it's hard to believe, but I refrained from jumping on him (unlike some of the other ladies present at the event, hehehe). I like that Marron was friendly, graciously autographing copies of Lothaire and chatting with attendees. When he wasn't taking pics with the droolers, he was standing there with the shyest smile-- but point a camera at him, and he struck a smoldering pose. And yeah, I could feel the heat from my seat-- and it wasn't just those smoking red contacts he had on, hehehe. I didn't eavesdrop on conversations Marron was having last night, but I am curious about what's behind the pretty face-- what interests he has, political stances, yada yada. Sometimes I'm just too busy oogling to jump in with questions-- must remedy that!

I thoroughly enjoyed getting out  last night and meeting other Austinites that are enthusiastic about paranormal romance books. You don't know how often I've groused about not having any locals to discuss my bookloves-- many library patrons tend to give you the look of horror when you truthfully answer about what you're reading. Next time I attend an event like this, I'm going to be more prepared for networking. Book signings are terrific places to pic up new readers for a book blog. Doh!

Oh, yeah, and I need to remember to take a real camera with me next time so that I can take some decent pics-- sheesh!

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  1. It was nice meeting you last night, Emme. I do enjoy that aspect of book signings - you know everyone there is also as crazy about the book/author as you are.

    BTW, Paul said his red eyes were added in afterwards for the cover and the contacts he was wearing last night weren't uncomfortable but they did impair his vision a little. And I overheard him say he's single but his sister is expecting so he's looking forward to being an uncle.


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