Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random shit: A year of snark

Sorry, I have to bow to peer pressure and do an end-of-the-year recap like everyone else. And yes, if everyone else jumped off of a cliff I would too because I would be so lonely without you all. So, it's been a good year of snarky reviews. No apologies-- that's how I roll.  The snark has stood me in good stead because my readership on this blog has increased from zero to some! I'm grateful for each and every one that has visited Bitch Factor 10 this year. And, I hope you'll come back and see me in 2012! I will be starting a new feature in January-- Question or Two with ____________ where I will throw a few goofy questions out to some authors and we'll see what they have to say.

To hold you over until the New Year I am highlighting some of my favorite BF10 reviews, blog posts, goofy quotes and  best books/series read in 2011. I think I had the most fun writing The Synecdoche of The Penis-- after all, how often do you get to write a piece with over a dozen "penises" in it? The link to that one is the at the very end of the post. Here's the rest:

My Picks for Favorite Books Read in 2011

  • The Tourist by Clare London
  • Bleeder by LK Rigel
  • Counterpunch by Aleksandr Voinov
  • Devil's Garden by Jane Kindred
  •  Grown Men by Damon Suede
  • Out of Time by Monique Martin
  • Scorpion by Aleksandr Voinov
  • Break and Enter by Rachel Haimowitz and Aleksandr Voinov
  • Hot Head by Damon Suede
  • The Fallen Queen by Jane Kindred
  • Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane

Favorite Series Read in 2011

  • Deviations -- Chris Owen and Jodi Payne
  • Bareback-- Chris Owen
  • Dark Soul (Vol 1-3)-- Aleksandr Voinov
  • Sophie Green Mysteries-- Kate Johnson
  • Belonging--Rachel Haimowitz
  • With or Without -- J.L. Langley
  • Demonica-- Larissa Ione
  • Special Forces -- Alesandr Voinov and Marquesate

Favorite Quotes from Bitch Factor 10, 2011 reviews

Tell Me More by Janet Mullany

Reviewed 6/14/11:

 "I can forgive Jo for "doing the nasty" with her hunky Irish tenant (man, I love a hot Irishman!), but there's quite a parade of "cads" getting an all-access tour of Jo's vagina, and that's just unseemly behavior for a supposed smart woman."

"This ain't rocket science, but it certainly can help you get your rocks off!"

The Perfect Union (Perfect Love) by Trina Lane

Reviewed 8/25/11:


"The guys in this one aren't hot-- they seem like cardboard cut-outs. And I couldn't help but laugh when they almost "cross swords" hehehe. Their near-homophobia just grates. This story would definitely have been improved by the guys getting it on. Then something interesting would have happened!"


Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke

Reviewed: 7/15/11:


"I'm at a loss for words. Oh, maybe it's that I'm having trouble talking around my ball gag. Oops, did I say that out loud? This one combined two of my favorites-- erotica and scifi. What's not to love? Well, if the whole BDSM scene isn't to your taste, then this one isn't for you. Scat got your tongue? This one isn't for you. Menage a twat isn't your thing? Move along, there's nothing to see here."


Without Reservations by J.L. Langley

Reviewed 7/7/11:


"If one is a bit uncertain about how to conduct some steamy Man-on-Man action, one would only have to have this book on hand, because Without Reservations read like a Kama Sutra of man-love, giving us plenty of pretty imaginative detail and nifty things to consider."


Rough, Raw and Ready by Lorelai James

Reviewed 11/17/11:


"This was the first time I've read a "straight-for-you" story. I kinda have a problem with gay characters being written as if they are one fuck away from being straight."


Texan Undercover by Anne Marie Novark

Reviewed  8/31/11:


"I encountered more suspense finding the marshmallows in a box of Lucky Charms!"


"And oh boy, when those two finally get together, Claire orgasms in zero time flat-- I guess it had been a long, long time for her. But really, Dillon doesn't have to work very hard for that, or even his own orgasm. That the two of them would think to themselves that their first lovemaking together was the very best they'd both had EVER had is hilarious-- the description was sooo boring. I have had more orgasmic thrills going out to get the garbage bill out of the mailbox, hehehe"



Favorite Reviews and Blog Postings in 2011

Rave(ing)Reviews- 3/26/11

Book Review: Bleeder by LK Rigel- 7/23/11

Cover me-8/26/11

Book Review: Counterpunch by Aleksandr Voinov- 11/7/11

Book Review: The Fallen Queen by Jane Kindred- 12/18/11

The Synecdoche of the Penis- 8/16/11



Hope you enjoyed my snarky year in review. Happy New Year!



  1. Happy New Year and mucho writing to you, Aleks, and my regards to the Muse!

  2. Tickled pink to make your list twice! :) And now I also have some new titles to add to my teetering to-be-read pile. :D

  3. Jane, you are one to watch! I'll be impatiently awaiting Fallen's sequel in 2012.


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