Thursday, December 8, 2011

Random shit: Still a bridesmaid...

I'll never know if this blog stood in the way of me getting a job I interviewed for last week. But analytics for my blog showed that someone from that tiny community spent an awfully long time perusing page after page of my blog. Part of me feels that I was a dummy for not blocking the pathways to finding this blog. But the bigger parts of me say, "nope, you've made a commitment to transparency and being yourself-- so *raspberry*" Yeah, that isn't the most professional response-- but it is an honest one.

In a lot of ways, I'm kinda glad that I didn't get that job. It would have meant an hour commute, each way. It probably didn't have health benefits. I would have had to cut short my medical treatments three days a week to get to work on time. So, not getting that job was probably for the best-- for all involved.

I am happy, though, that my contract was renewed with the robots I work for online. Yeah, I think they're really robots. They only respond by email using form letters. There wasn't an interview-- I just applied online, took a test online and ta-da, "they" hired me. Hey, I'm not complaining-- they pay me more per hour working online than I have earned per hour at any job I've had since moving to Texas. The robots renewed my contract for another six months, too. And icing? My on-call position at a library has given me more hours recently. See? Things are working out for the better.

Oh, I'm still in the bridesmaid position...but that's ok for now. As long as I can keep Bitch Factor afloat, I'm happy.

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