Sunday, December 25, 2011

Book review: Break and Enter by Rachel Haimowitz and Aleksandr Voinov

Break and EnterBreak and Enter by Rachel Haimowitz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Break and Enter by  Rachel Haimowitz and Aleksandr Voinov is a geeky girl's wet dream. Ok, not every geeky girl is into M/M romance-- but I don't know, this story has all the right elements to turn one around (not that it takes much prompting for some of us). Cyke's habit of breaking and entering into the Sentinel Tech's physical and virtual premises brings him in contact with high-tech security goons, under-the-influence/possibly in-the-pocket cops, and a kind, considerate and hot EMT named Bear. There's mutual attraction between Cyke and Bear from the git-go, but I'm not sure beyond that why these two work together. Nor do I really care. Bear thinks like me-- Cyke is perfect boyfriend material because he's tenacious, dangerous and comes with built-in cutlery. *swoon*

Break and Enter moves along so swiftly that it only lasts about as long as a real B&E. We are only treated to snippets of what's really going on in the Red Cell universe, but we know it'll be an amazing ride. I hope we learn more about Cyke's history and what SenTech is up to in future additions-- and Bear needs a bit more  characterization than being a medi-geek (Bionic Man trumps Medi-Geek, right? Though, having a guy who could swap out your hard drives is oh, so appealing. Uh oh, call the nanos in for cleanup because I think I just sprung a leak!).

So, wrapping it up-- Break and Enter is fast-paced, thrilling and sexy. Technophiles will likely geek-out (in a good way), but technophobes will be able to keep up and follow along-- freaking Luddites, hrmph! Four stars-- not nearly enough...definitely needs about .7 more. Gee, thinking in fractional amounts, that's pretty nerdy.

Rachel and Aleks-- do whatever you have to to schedules, Muses and each other, but gives us the sequel soon, 'k?

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