Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grown Men by Damon Suede

Grown Men (HardCell, #1)Grown Men by Damon Suede

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, Damon Suede is now on my must-read list. Grown Men was exquisitely descriptive. I was totally drawn into the world Suede has created-- it felt both highly inventive and plausible, and that doesn't always come together in works like this. The world-building seemed effortless.

What really got me on board, though, was the use of language. I love when authors create their own lexicon to support a work-- and you kinda need to take that liberty when you are creating alternative worlds, right? Suede has introduced some words and phrases that I will be repeating to friends and family (how annoying is that...but oh so fun).

Actually, communication plays a big part in my enjoyment of this story. Ox, for all intents and purposes, is mute and must use other means to convey his thoughts and feelings. This is where Suede shines-- so much is shared through the senses, what we "see," the touch, the sounds. And I like that Suede doesn't give in and speed up the communication process as some authors do where suddenly everyone understands and speaks sign language, or that the impediment is suddenly (and unrealistically) remedied. In end, it is the ways in which these two people "speak" with the most intimate (and incongruous) parts of their bodies that "says" the most.

This was not a perfect book (I had some doubts about the relationships as it progressed-- but then I always have doubts about that, don't I? Oh, and dear Goddess, the sex!??!) but it was rather entertaining and I can't wait for the series to continue. After finishing Grown Men I looped back and read Seedy Business, which I also enjoyed, for perfectly different reasons than those here.  Yeah, can't wait for the next "transmission." Good job, Mr. Suede!

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